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Real Estate Exchanges

The most common type of 1031 Exchange is used for real estate, due to what is considered “like-kind” for Real Estate Exchanges. In general, any type of U.S. real property held by the client for productive use in a trade or business, or for investment purposes can be exchanged for more real property as long as the properties are of “like-kind”


If you find a replacement property that you would like to acquire before you sell your current property, you can utilize a Reverse Exchange to maximize tax savings. If you would like to build on or make improvements to a replacement property, you can use the exchange proceeds by structuring an Improvement Exchange.

Personal Property

1031 Exchanges are not limited to real property. Personal property can also be exchanged for other personal property of “like-kind” or “like-class”. Exchanges involving personal property give clients the ability to engage in the most diverse types of exchanges possible.

Multiple Asset

A careful review of most commercial real property transactions will reveal a large amount of depreciated personal property being sold in addition to the real property. By taking time to review the impact of these additional assets, and contemplating a Multiple Asset Exchange, an Exchanger may be able to defer much more of the taxable gain than the Exchanger originally considered.


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